Upcoming Aisha’s Kitchen Classes

Aisha’s Kitchen is an array of cooking classes that will teach simple, everyday Indian cooking based on my mom Aisha’s recipes. In these classes, you will learn about all the spices you need, some easy cooking methods, and using easy to find ingredients to create simple, everyday authentic and delicious Indian dishes. You don’t need to bring anything to the class, I will demonstrate how to cook the meal and at the end we will enjoy the meal together.

*All classes will be held at the Old Salt Marketplace on 5027 NE 42nd Avenue in Portland, Oregon and will go from 6pm to 8pm.

Here is more information on our upcoming classes:

Thursday October 16, 2014: Spicy Pan fried fish and Spicy Potatoes

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tareli mirchi

This blackened and spicy fish is made from only a handful of ingredients but it packs a punch! And the accompanying potatoes have been described as “crack”, they are so good and addictive. In this class you’ll learn how to make this authentic coastal dish.

Channa and Baaji Jo Saag (Spicy Chickpeas and Spinach Curry)

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Both spicy chick peas and spinach curry are quick and easy meal options for when you’re on the run or after a long day’s work. In this class, learn how to whip up these simple dishes that are packed with flavor in a few easy steps.

Murgi Jo Pilau and Cachumber (Chicken Pilau and Yogurt Salad)

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chicken pilau

This is my mom’s signature dish and a favorite in our family. This one-pot rice dish is quintessentially Kutchi. In this class you’ll learn how to make this rare and surprisingly simple version of pilau.

Bakre Jo Saag and Jeere Wara Batata (Lamb Curry and Cumin Potatoes)

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Green lamb curry is a traditional breakfast dish on the Eid holiday in my family and is usually eaten with dinner rolls and chai. In this class, you’ll learn how to make this delicious dish suitable for any meal and spicy cumin potatoes.

Masale waari Turkey and Bakalo Jo Saag (Indian Turkey and Green Bean Curry)

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masala turkey

My family, being Indian, can’t abide by the bland roasted turkey traditional to Thanksgiving. So my mom created her version of Thanksgiving turkey by adding plenty of masala (spices) to it. In this class you’ll learn how to make my mom’s Indian turkey and green bean curry.

Lamb Samosas and South African/Indian Chicken Eggrolls 

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samosas spring rolls

Samosas and South African/Indian Eggrolls are fare usually eaten during break fast in Ramadhan in my family and on the Eid holiday too. My sister Mehz lived in South Africa for 15 years and she learned some unique South African-influenced Indian cuisine, which she brought back to America with her. One of the things she taught me how to make is the spicy chicken eggroll. In this class, you’ll learn how to make these festive and delicious appetizers.

Rissois (Portuguese and Indian-inspired shrimp turnovers)

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shrimp pilau raw

Rissois are a Portuguese delicacy and they have been co-opted into my family’s cuisine because Mozambique, my birthplace, was a Portuguese colony. Of course, my family added Indian spices to this traditional Portuguese dish, resulting in a delectable Portu-Indian appetizer. In this class, you’re learn how to make this fusion finger food that will definitely impress your friends as one of the most delicious and uniquely international foods they’re ever enjoyed.


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